I don't care what anybody says, life is good

There is a person at an AA meeting that says this phrase at the end of every comment he makes. It seems to remind everyone in the room, including him, that it feels good to be positive. It seems to suggest that despite all of the negative philosophies and life's problems, if one can just focus one's mind on gratitude for simple things, no matter how challenging life is, one can feel better. On this particular day, this fellow had just lost his dog and he described how sad he was and how he wasn't sure how he would go on living. Everyone in the room held their breath to see if he would conclude his comment with his traditional phrase, "I don't care what anybody says, life is good." When he said the phrase, he acknowledged that he could go on and set an example for everyone else that they could survive sober even on the darkest days. 


Today, I will focus on things I am grateful for rather than things I wish were different, I will notice how this focus seems to improve my life. I will not let others' negativity bring me down. I will have a grateful attitude regardless of the difficulties I must face. I will repeat this phrase a few times today: "I don't care what anybody says, life is good." (Just typing it here makes me feel better.) I will use this attitude to avoid feeling a need to escape by using drugs.

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