Want not, suffer not.

"Since suffering is the difference between what we crave and what we get, we need to eliminate craving because we can't control what we get. Want not, suffer not."

Emotional pain starts with wanting something to be different. Want not and you will suffer not. This is the fundamental principle of recovery: ACCEPTANCE. The pain of addiction comes from craving. All painful moments start with DESIRE. But, you say, how will I SUCCEED in life if I don't have desire. You will succeed because you will be as happy as possible (not attached to results) by simply doing the NEXT RIGHT THING (your Higher Power's will). Of course, we cannot always escape afflictive diseases and certain abuses, but we do not have to make them worse by adding the mental obsessions caused by craving. We eliminate craving by working an effective recovery program, minute by minute, day by day.


Throughout this day, repeat the phrase "Want not, suffer not." Catch yourself when you start wanting something by saying to yourself, "Want not, suffer not."

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