It is not how much you drug, it is what drugging does to you

"It is not how much you drink, it is what drinking does to you." Big Book p. 443

Don't think you can have a drink or drug problem because you didn't drink or drug as much as the next person. Instead ask yourself if drinking or drugging was somehow related to the trouble you experienced. Ask yourself if you would have behaved differently if you had not been using. Did using make you miss appointments, birthdays, family events, work events? Was it involved in your landing in jail or hospitals? It doesn't matter how much or how often you used.


Make a list of events involving alcohol, drugs or other addictive behaviors that interfered with your life. Be careful not to blame others even if you think they were at fault. Just list the events, then share that list with a drug counselor or Sponsor and get their opinion. You might benefit from a full assessment by a drug counselor too. In any event, don't relapse because you didn't use as much as someone else.