Turn humiliation into humility

We get clean and sober because we hate the consequence of humiliation. We stay sober because we love the consequence of humility. Humiliation is degrading. Humility is empowering. Humiliation is ego suffering. Humility is  freedom. Humiliation involves self blame because it includes shame for sick behavior. Humility involves the realization that we are not in charge and that turning control over to our Higher Power's direction is joyously empowering. Remember that our Higher Power can be defined as Help. Higher Self, our Recovery Group, a religious force, a spiritual force, spiritual concepts like love, kindness, integrity, purity, etc., or a set of actions and principles that keep us sober. There is the individual Higher Power and there is also the group consience Higher Power where love and support is shared. We need both to keep us sober. We need both to stay humble and not humiliated.  






When oppressed, abused or humiliated, do what your Higher Power would want you to do. Don't lash out or withdraw. Rather, turn the humiliation into humility by realizing you are human and by accepting change in your attitude without controlling others. When things seem to go wrong, remember that hardship causes character growth and is the pathway to peace.

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