If you won't let go, prepare to be dragged

Letting go means that you accept what is, then do what your Higher Power wills. If we do not align our will with our Higher Power's will, we are going to be dragged through mud, stones, fire, and every imaginable pain. If we stubbornly control people, places, and things, we are going to be swimming upstream against a tidal wave. Our efforts to control things cause stress, depression, and eventually relapse. Hasn't this been the truth for you in your life? Even when you have gotten your way through endless control, hasn't the collateral damage offset any victory? Has it been worth being overwhelmed? Doesn't overcontrolling make us more impatient, fearful, and resentful?

The way we align our will with our Higher Power's will is to do the next right thing according to the four absolutes: honesty, unselfishness, purity, and love. And the way we practically define what is honest, pure, unselfish, and loving for a given situation is through prayer and consultation with our Sponsor, the 12 steps, and our support group.



Don't go it alone today. Let go and let your Higher Power run the show. Your Higher Power can be your God, Sponsor, support group, spiritual concepts, and the 12 steps of recovery or any combination of these. Your Higher Power may or may not be a religious God.  Do the next right thing governed by your Higher Power, and you will be doing the best you can now and for your future.