Accept hardship as the pathway to peace - Serenity Prayer (part two)

To be at peace, we must accept that life can be hard. If we think life will always go how we want, we will inevitably spend a lot of time being disappointed. We may also think we are the only ones suffering when challenges arise. Such "terminal uniqueness" can lead to misery and relapse. So, we must accept that life can be hard to make peace with life. Denying this is a path to discontent.

Also: "no pain, no gain." Without a crisis, postitive change does not occur. Until I experienced the disaster of a DUI, I did not have the motivation to get sober. Early recovery was hard, but through it I have come to love a new way of life.

Hardship also forces us to grow internally and that growth yields internal peace. We should therefore consider being grateful during hardship because without hardship we don't build the character necessary for peace. A GRATEFUL attitude during hardship makes the hardship LESS PAINFUL and consequently minimizes the harm I would otherwise cause others by my bad attitude.

Suffering is a truth of life. We all experience suffering whether or not we are sober. Don't expect that everything is going to go smoothly or be easy to accept. If you expect tough times, you will NOT BE SHOCKED when they inevitably arrive. You will not be thrust into a horrible pity party. Without bad weather, you would not know what good weather feels like. Without hardship, you would not be able to feel peace. Unfortunately, everyone faces hardship. But if you don't run from it by using your drug of choice or isolating or acting out, the hardship will pass. Don't become attached to a result. Just accept your hardship and know that there is a way to regain peace.

This message especially works any time you are feeling overwhelmed, lonely, fearful, sad, stressed, or  anxious!



Just keep doing the next right thing according to your Higher Power's guidance. Your Higher Power can be your recovery program, coping skills, and/or anything that keeps you sane and sober. Your current hardship will someday result in peace. Accept positive change. This hardship may end up being the best day of your life.