Leave mental committee meetings.

Not only do external circumstances (like the pandemic, racial injustice, financial losses, physical pain, and stressful people) cause relapses, but also internal conflicts (like a racing mind) cause relapses. A common phrase for a racing mind is a mental committee meeting. Competing camps overanalyze and argue in our own minds during these mental committee meetings. They keep us awake at night; they distract us during the day; they make little things big things. Indeed, it is often hard for recovering alcoholics and addicts to think about one thing. Instead, we think about how one thing will lead to another thing, which could lead to another thing and to another.


Try meditating today. For one minute, just breathe and focus on a distant spot. If a thought arises, just breathe and let it go with the exhale. As you go through your day, if a mental committee meeting starts, take a deep breath and let it go. Focus on just doing what's in front of you.