It's not stupidity, It's insanity.

Addiction is a disease. It is a mental health disorder. It has nothing to do with one's level of intelligence. You did not drive your car into a ditch, you did not commit a felony, you did not neglect your children, you did not waste precious time, because you are stupid. You suffered bad consequences and interfered with others' lives because you have a disease that caused you to do so. Don't waste your time calling yourself stupid and beating yourself up. Instead, be thankful that today you are squarely facing your disease and doing the next right thing. Forgive yourself rather than denying that you have a disease. Calling yourself stupid only inhibits your ability to recover. And remember that just because you have stopped using your drug of choice today does not mean that you are healed. Using your drugs is a symptom of your disease and not the disease. 


Today, be aware if you are beating yourself up. Watch for the language that you mutter to yourself about yourself. Use kind language when thinking about yourself. Continue to practice the 12 steps, get help from a therapist if necessary. Perhaps participate in a recovering community. Act according to healthy moral principles to effect the personality change necessary to keep the disease (the insanity) in remission. Consider asking your trusted friend or counselor what you should do today to improve your recovery program.