I can only make some sense of Life when I think something bigger is going on

Pandemics, racism, tornadoes, starvation, war, disease, and injustices abound. Trying to attach meaning to the human condition used to send me into confusion and despair. It triggered my need to quiet my brain. I turned to my addiction to do so. Then, I just became more confused and I got into trouble. Today, I quiet my brain in a different way. Today, when I observe that I am trying to understand that which I cannot, I meditate on the fact that there is something going on behind the scenes. I focus on trusting that my Higher Power has a greater plan with greater objectives that transcend my ability to intellectually conceive.  Perhaps it's a character building exercise. Perhaps someone's crisis is an opportunity for that person to make a positive change or for me to unselfishly help. Perhaps it's a lesson in perspective. Or perhaps, whatever it is, it's simply greater than I can understand. In that case, I must simply have faith, and this faith relieves my need to escape. 


Observe your thinking. When confused, look behind the obvious. Repeat to yourself that something bigger is happening. Perhaps today's challenges are opportunities to grow or to help someone else.