Nothing grows in alcohol - not even germs

While practicing our addiction, we don't mature because instead of dealing with life, we escape with drugs. Living life on life's terms is maturity. We simply don't live life on life's terms while we are practicing our addiction. Therefore, addicts tend to be egocentric, ultrasensitive, and selfish - much like babies. Indeed, I was the King Baby (a title many addicts seem to possess.) King Baby is an interesting article about the alcoholic personality which may help you see some of the character defects you might need to address when you reach step 4. Practicing addicts may be intelligent, but they tend to lack the commonsense essential to facing problems.


Today I will accept life on life's terms and try to do the next right thing without worrying about the past or future. I will not analyze whether or not I am being treated fairly. I will not act out of anger or fear but instead out of love. Instead of avoiding responsibilities, I will address them even if it hurts to do so. I will repeat to myself the second part of the Serenity Prayer that says, "Hardship is the pathway to peace." I will not relapse or stop practicing good recovery principles because I don't want to stop growing.