Lethargy plus perfectionism equals paralyzing procrastination

Lethargy usually causes us to delay doing what we are supposed to do. Perfectionism also causes us to delay because we know that it will be very difficult to live up to our impossibly high standards. If we suffer from both lethargy and perfectionism, we may not only delay, but we may never do what we should do. This deadly combination causes us to miss deadlines, to miss important events, to fail in life. We procrastinate until we are so stressed out that we become paralyzed.  We may then turn to our addiction to blot out the stress and our addiction then only makes matters worse.

To get rid of lethargy and perfectionism, we must first admit that we have these issues. Then we must observe them when they operate in our daily lives. We must then take the drama out of doing things by not catastrophizing that trying to do something will be unbearable.  Detaching from expectations, we must view reaching goals as doing tasks and we must take small steps in doing these tasks. We must then gently congratulate ourselves for taking small steps forward without constantly measuring how well we think we are doing. Living a balanced lifestyle and leaving the results to our Higher Power aid greatly.



Ask your Higher Power to take away your lethargy and perfectionism. Keep expectations low. Without fearing the process or the results, take a few small steps toward doing what you know you should do. Remember that stress will melt away as you slowly head for your goal.