You don't have to jump off the cliff to know what's going to happen when you hit the bottom.

Take a look at the bottom. It's way down there. There is no way you can survive the fall. You might even bounce off the side of the mountain as you drop. You are going to be a crumpled up, bloody mess laying there either dead or paralyzed or painfully mangled. And it all begins with that first leap, then you are helplessly falling.

And it all begins with that first drink or drug or whatever your addiction is. So take a good long look at the bottom. Just because you haven't turned over your car, or lost your liver, or ruined your marriage, or lost your child, or become bankrupt, or lost your job, or killed someone, or gone to jail, or killed yourself, doesn't mean it won't happen. It will happen if you take that leap.

So if you feel good or bad, lonely or depressed, ashamed or stressed (or any feeling that triggers you to want to use) don't think you won't hit the bottom if you take that first drink or drug.



Remember some of the awful things you did when using and think about some of the awful things you have heard others do. You don't want to go there. Take a deep breath and let someone know how you are feeling. Don't stay sober alone. Don't be ashamed of having a craving. Don't let your disease stop you from praying and reaching out for help. Good for you for using this app. I love you and pray for you.