So nice to know, I don't have to run the show

What a relief to know that I'm not responsible for everybody and everything! If you are feeling impatient, stressed or frustrated, you may be taking control of people, places, and things you can't control or direct. You may be slipping back into that old behavior of wanting situations to turn out according to your plans. In recovery, we continually learn to let go of running the show. We realize that there is some other force in charge of everything. It is a wonderful feeling to realize that you don't have to have things go your way. If one door closes, another good door will open if you are faithfully practicing what you learn at meetings, therapy, and in the Big Book.


Stop yourself today if you are trying to control others and outcomes. Practice the four absolutes and do the next right thing. Make a decision to be a player, not a director. Serve your Higher Power without being omnipotent.