Everybody has a different bottom

Many people relapse. Perhaps it's because many have not hit bottom or clearly see bottom. Bottoms are different for everyone. They cause one to cry out that one is lost. Being lost is good because when one feels lost, there is room for a Higher Power to help. There is an opening to follow Good Orderly Direction (G.O.D.).  Whether or not one recognizes this "spiritual upheaval" is dependent on the extent of one's depth of desperation, leveling of one's pride and openmindedness. Though initially tumultuous, the upheaval will always lead to sobriety if one follows its lead. For me, my bottom occurred on my last drunk 32 years ago. After an evening of drinking and lying to cover up my drinking, I flipped over my car. I could figure out no explanation for how I got in that position.  I was lost. I knew I no longer could trust myself to drink alcohol and I knew I didn't know how to definitely stop. So I was open to listening to others suggestions to go to AA and therapy. Finally I was able to follow Good Orderly Direction.  

Bottoms can continue even after one stops practicing his or her addiction. Don't fear them, just experience the sense of powerlessness as the beginning of positive change.


Remember that your Higher Power is always with you, but you have to be open to be aware of its presence. Sometimes bottoms are necessary for this awareness. Try to connect today through some form of reaching out like prayer or meditation. If your Higher Power includes a recovery group, reach out to a member of that group to share your experience, strength and hope. Remember that your Higher Power can change and evolve, and that it can be of your own choosing so long as it restores you to sanity and keeps you sober. Peace and Light!