Just because you hated meetings, does not mean you hate AA

If you hate a few meetings, try a few more. I went to the longest, most boring meeting of my 27 years of going to meetings last night. On the drive home, I wondered if that were my first meeting, would I ever return? I'm sure some liked the meeting last night even though I did not. Was it my attitude? Was I tired? I just don't know. But I do know that bad meetings don't equal bad AA.

If you tried AA awhile ago and don't want to try again, maybe you weren't the same person you were then. If you saw your Father relapse even though he was trying AA, maybe you aren't the same person as your Father. Maybe AA will work for you now.

If you are new, try many different styles of meetings. There are a wide variety of meetings: open, closed, many people, few people, discussion, lead, min-lead, Big Book, 12 by 12, gay, women only, men only, agnostic, atheist, and on and on.



Just because you didn't like some meetings does not mean you won't eventually love AA. Go to a wide variety of meetings. Your attitude might change about meetings as you see that they work to keep you clean and sober.