There are no guarantees

When you buy something you might get a warranty but never a guarantee that the product will work. When you tie your shoes, you might expect your shoes to stay tied, but there's never a guarantee they will. When you get married, there may be a contract, but never a guarantee.

So often we don't do something that might be fun, helpful or good for us because we have no guarantee that it will work out as planned.  So often we procrastinate or fear making a decision because we have no guarantee.  But these reasons don't make sense because guarantees don't exist. Wanting guarantees are a product of fear and cause stress because they are impossible to attain. Stress can lead us to relapse especially if we become frustrated or resentful because we didn't get what we expected.



Don't let the fear of uncertain results control you today. Think and act reasonably, let go of results, and don't blame yourself or others for how things work out. Stay in the moment, relax and keep trying to do the next right thing. If no one has told you that you are loved today, I want you to know, I love you!