A heart full of faith has no room for fear

So you are making a big change. You're wondering what will happen if you quit your job? What will happen if you start dating again? What will happen if you agree to get that surgery? What will happen if you make that investment? Your mind envisions all kinds of frightening results. You see yourself penniless. You see yourself getting brokenhearted again. You see yourself free from pain but physically limited. You see yourself unable to stay clean and sober. You feel fear.

Fear is the feeling that you are not going to get your self centered way in the future. Fear creeps in when we focus on what our Lower Power wants. Examples are excessive materialism, notoriety, endless security, power, limitless pleasure, and lustful relationships. These desires cause fear! The remedy is to want whatever your loving Higher Power wants. (Remember your Higher Power is anything you choose but it must restore you to sobriety and sanity). You align your will with your Higher Power's will by doing what your Higher Power suggests. Foremost, your Higher Power wants you to maintain your recovery program. Your Higher Power wants you to act unselfishly, lovingly, and honestly because these cause sanity and joy. Your Higher Power wants you to use your resources (intellect, courage, strength) to make plans in accordance with sobriety inducing principles and to leave the results to your Higher Power. Your Higher Power does not want you to worry about the future but instead gratefully live in the present. This faithful way of life vanquishes fear.

The results will perhaps be a journey with a wonderful meaning you didn't even consider. This journey will often be better than what you originally sought. It will always be a journey that you can handle.

If you do what your loving Higher Power wants you to do in this moment, you will be doing the best you can and you will not be fearful. You will be living intelligently even if you make mistakes or if you encounter oppositional people and struggles. The essence of your being will be full of faith with no room for fear!


Today I will enjoy each moment by living according to the principles which keep me sober, sane, and joyous. I will catch myself if my mind wanders toward fear and repeat the mantra, "Faith, Faith, Faith, My heart is full of faith!"