Everybody wants to go to Heaven, But Nobody wants to Die

Most addicts know that quitting drugs will improve their lives. Most addicts know that changing their using lifestyle will improve their lives. Most addicts want to be better people. So many times I watched others having fun with each other while I stumbled alone with a horrible hangover. To me, Heaven was freedom from the need to drink. But I didn't want to go through the pain of the death of my drinking. I feared change. For me, change was forced upon me when in a drunken blackout, I flipped over my car.

If you are reading this, you have made the decision to change. You realize that the death of your old self will lead to the Heaven of your new self. But the bottle, needle, cigarette, pipe, blunt - calls you back. So you need to go through the correct process of change to avoid bringing the old person back to life. You need to go to 12 step meetings and practice the new life. You need to avoid being discouraged with the new life by appreciating the moments of freedom you experience by not using your drug of choice. You need to be grateful and patient because the Heaven you may expect comes slowly. So keep the faith because it does come. You see this evidence at 12 step meetings.


Right now I will appreciate the little freedoms that sobriety brings me. I will not expect everything in my life to immediately be exactly according to my desires. I will focus not on the remaining consequences brought about by my addiction. Rather, I will focus on the fact that I am not making those consequences worse so long as I stay clean and sober. I will remember that Heaven can only be reached by letting my old self die and my new sober self live life on life's terms.

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