Keep your head and your butt in the same place.

Don't let your mind wander. Stay in the moment. Focus. Think about doing the right thing now. A wandering, racing mind will eventually race to relapse thinking. Don't think that you have to not drink or drug forever. Just do whatever it takes today to stay clean and sober. My head and my butt are not in the same place when I am anxious, confused, or stressed. 



Today I will concentrate on staying in the moment. If my mind wanders to a place whare my butt is not, I will refocus on the present moment by naming to myself something that is physically in front of me. For example, if I see a computer, I will say to myself the word, "computer." This exercise is called grounding and will bring me back to the present moment.  If my mind starts to wander, I will substitute any negative thoughts or stinking thinking with grateful thoughts and with perspective, then I will happily take care of whatever I am supposed to be doing that is in front of me.