An addict can be in the gutter and still look down on people

Our egos are such dangerous things. Despite suffering self-imposed humiliation after humiliation, our arrogance can still make us think we are better than others. This attitude wreaks havoc on our serenity. This attitude actually makes us feel bad and lonely. We need to be aware as soon as we start comparing ourselves to others. Such comparisons throw our egos out of balance and kill our serenity. We especially need to be on guard for feelings of superiority. When we don't look down on people, we don't isolate and we actually feel more included in society rather than excluded. We must remember that we are only one drink, drug or bad behavior away from a relapse, and imbalanced egos and isolation tend to lead us to the first drink or drug. 


If you find yourself judging others or if you find you are adopting an attitude that you are better than anyone else because things are going well for you in sobriety, remember where your addiction took you. Big egos tend to relapse. Stay grateful, not proud or arrogant.