Trusting your sobriety to your Higher Power is like buying a new car and handing over the key

It takes FAITH to trust your Higher Power (such as your Higher Self, Holistic Recovery Program, Religious God, Therapy Program, 12 step meeting, spiritual principles, SoberTool App...whatever it is in this moment) to guide your sober life. It can be tough at times to have this faith, but with practice it becomes easier. At first, we see others recover by having faith in their Higher Power and that makes it easier for us to have faith because we see that IT WORKS. For example, we get faith by going to AA meetings because there we see others like us staying sober. Then we start to experience it working in our lives. Not only do we stay sober, but we feel more relaxed because we don't constantly desire getting our selfish way. We know we are doing the right thing because doing our Higher Power's will is best for our sobriety and serenity.


Today I will give the keys to my sobriety over to my Higher Power. I will trust my Higher Power (and all that is part of my Higher Power like love, exercise, proper nutrition, recovery meetings, unselfish work, a spiritual force, etc.) to direct my wonderful sober life. If frustrated, overwhelmed, stressed, or craving, I will do what my Higher Power directs and enjoy the freedom of having that Power drive me toward serenity, peace, and light.