"Ain't nobody messin' with you but you." - Robert Hunter

We may think they are the problem, but really we are the problem.  Our rigidity,  intolerance,  prejudice,  oversensitivity,  impulsivity, self-righteousness mess with us. Not their actions, but our reactions punish us. Feeling better results not from changing them but from changing ourselves.




Today I will ask myself where I am causing my pain, not where they are causing my pain. What is my hang up in a challenging moment? Do I need to be less impatient, less self-centered, more assertive, less demanding, less controlling of others? What can I do to change my behavior to make me less stressed, fearful, anxious, bored, or overwhelmed? What core belief or desire is actually weighing me down? Usually my desire to have things work out the way I want them to on my timetable is the chief culprit.