Life is not a T.V. show

Problems usually don't resolve in a half hour. Life doesn't always give us a satisfying result. The good guy doesn't always win. The hero doesn't always save the day. Even the pizza doesn't always get delivered on time and hot. Life doesn't always make perfect sense. When we judge whether something worked out badly, we are probably judging in the short term and ignoring the long term lessons and benefits that may actually be of greater importance. For example, when I found out I was an alcoholic, I was crushed at first. But now I realize that I needed to see my powerlessness over alcohol to practice a recovery program that has improved my life better than I could have imagined.

Peace of mind gives us sobriety and serenity. Imperfect judgmentalism can threaten that peace. 


Today I will not judge a situation as being good or bad. I will therefore not be anxious, depressed or stressed. Instead I will trust that my Higher Power (my recovery program, spiritual principles, or whatever I rely on to stay sober and sane) has the situation well under control. Thus, I will relax without expecting problems to resolve in a half hour or any set time. I will not expect life to resemble a T.V. show.