Magic magnifying mind causes trouble

Are you fanatasizing about using or do you just feel bad because you feel shocked, worried or trying to make a perfect decision? Do you feel uncertain, confused, even disillusioned? Wondering how you stop saying to yourself,  "But what if that happens?... Then I will have to do that… And that will cause them to think that about me… And if they think that, I will never be able to get that job... And if I can't get that job, what was the point of my spending so long in school... Oh, my whole life will be a waste… That does it, I'm going to just get stoned."


Don’t catastrophize. Just do the next right thing and concentrate on what you are doing. Exercise mindfulness. Mindfulness means that you are slowly breathing and keeping your mind in the moment. Start by looking at your feet, squeezing your foot muscles, then slowly working your way upward. Take your time, breathing slowly. Once you have reached the top of your head, start noticing your surroundings. Then do your next daily activity, keeping your mind focused on what you are doing. Don't live in the future or the past. Whatever you do, don't use.