Stop beating yourself up!

The dice are loaded. The game isn't fair. You are imperfect. You make mistakes and have instincts that make you do strange things. You can't predict the future so you have to make decisions that will not work out. Also, the World is imperfect. From bizarre diseases and strange weather patterns to economic irregularities and conflicting religions (and everything in between), the World moves in uncontrollable patterns. We are confused people in a messed up World.

Admitting this should actually be comforting because YOU ARE NOT TO BLAME AND NEITHER IS ANYONE ELSE.  There is simply no reason to drive yourself insane because there is no way for you to arrange things to get exactly what you want when you want it. If you are beating yourself up because someone or something conflicts with you, you are treating yourself unfairly. When we admit this Truth, we can relax. When we admit this Truth, we will lose the need to escape through the oblivion caused by our addictions.  


Today I will focus on the fact that I am loved and that I am not ashamed. I will not be discouraged, embarrassed, or depressed. I am not hopeless or worthless just because I make mistakes. Without beating myself up, I will try to get rid of my self esteem issues by changing my attitude toward myself so that I can participate in the healing process that will not only keep me sober, but lead me to be happy, joyous, and free. I will substitute every negative comment I make about myself with a positive, encouraging comment.