Look back but don't stare

It's good to remember the consequences from our active addiction but it's bad to feel ashamed or guilty about those consequences.  Addiction is a disease. This disease resulted from physiological, psychological and social factors. We did not get it because we are evil or weak willed.  Would we label ourselves evil or worthless people if we got any other disease like cancer, heart problems, etc.? If we spend too much time languishing over our past, we our denying that addiction is a disease. All we can do about our past is to commit ourselves not to repeat it. It is better to feel good about the fact that we are doing something right now (like using this app) than it is to self-flagellate or feel hopeless due to our past. Today I think it's a good day when I remember the consequences I had because they motivate me to practice recovery principles. They make me feel grateful I am not a practicing alcoholic. I believe my recovery has actually made me a better person because I am closer to my Higher Power and have gotten great friends from my support group.


Use the memory of our addiction's consequences as a motivation to practice a good daily recovery program, not to beat ourselves up.