"Relax, be still, and chill with Bill"

Bill Wilson was a cofounder of AA and the main contributor to the 12 steps. AA has been the paradigm for recovery. It recognizes that addiction is a disease and that attempts by anyone to try to control it by willpower alone will be fruitless.

I stopped drinking because I hated alcohol for stabbing me in my back. It betrayed my allegiance to it by getting me into trouble. I initially tried staying sober on my own. Soon I became an angry, lonely, stressed out mess. When I wasn't sad , I was anxious. When I wasn't resentful, I was fearful. Then I went to an AA meeting and immediately felt as if I had found home. The boredom and depression melted away. I have kept going and trying to practice the 12 steps for the past twenty years, and IT HAS WORKED. If it could work for a low bottom addict like me, it could work for you. there are all kinds of 12 step meetings for all kinds of dieseases like alcoholism (AA), narcotics (NA), overeating (OA), sex addiction (SA, SLAA, SAA), gambling (GA), nicotine (NA), even emotions (EA), etc.


Resolve to try at least six 12 step meetings. You have nothing to lose and it may save your life.