Recovery is not only for those who want it, recovery is for those who do it

Recovery is a program of action. As we help clean up after meetings, practice meditation, do a first step inventory, do all of the 12 steps, read the Big Book, call our Sponsor for help, get off the couch to go to meetings (or go online to go to meetings), and help others, we are taking action to recover. And as we take action our thoughts and behaviors change from addiction thoughts and behaviors to recovey thoughts and behaviors. So do the footwork and you will recover. Do the footwork and you will experience the positive results of recovery and you will then want recovery more than you want relapse.


Good for you for taking the action to use this app. Refuse to be depressed, fearful, angry, bored, or negative today! Do  recovery actions today and you will experience the joy and freedom of recovery and you will want it. Remember to say the Serenity Prayer and the Sanity Poem (check out the Sanity Poem on your SoberTool app). Care about you!

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