A sense of humor is a serious thing

In a great scene from the classic movie, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Butch and Sundance are trapped by bounty hunters at the edge of a cliff.  Butch tells Sundance that their only way out is to jump into the flowing river 1000 feet below. Sundance says he'd rather shoot it out. Butch insists that there are hundreds of pursuers and there's no way to shoot it out and win. Sundance finally confesses that he can't swim. Butch breaks into laughter saying, "Hell, the fall will probably kill us." They then jump together and we see them playfully being carried to safety by the mighty river.

When you really feel like you're at the edge of your cliff, a good sense of humor can save you from heartache and relapse. When you're worried about whether you made the right decision or when you are fearing the future or ruminating about the past, try to see some humor in your problem. Sometimes it's even a good exercise to speculate as to the worst case scenario (which will probably never happen) and try to make light of it. A good sense of humor is the highest form of acceptance, and acceptance can be the panacea to those menacing perceptions and phantoms that would seek to plague us.


Take it easy today and lighten those frightening thoughts into something you can laugh at. When stressed, discouraged, confused, or overwhelmed, have faith that your mighty river (your loving Higher Power) has not saved you just to let you drown.