If you walk 25 miles into the woods, you need to walk 25 miles out of the woods.

Don't expect life to be perfect just because you stopped using.  There will be consequences from your addiction that you will have to deal with but at least you won't be recreating those consequences, and in time the consequences will disappear so long as you don't relapse. Your addictive personality will also take time to change. Experts say addicts don't mature while they are using. So if you started using at 13 and stopped at forty, your ability to deal maturely with life has been delayed for the 27 years you have been using. Treatment and recovery support groups like AA meetings help us "grow up" because they teach us how to deal with life without escaping through drugs. Think about how long you used. You can't expect everything to be better overnight because it took you a long time to get in the shape you're in. So don't be impatient. Don't be depressed, confused or worried because you sometimes struggle with sobriety. Things will get better! 


Expect some discomfort even though you stopped using. Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, life will improve. You are on a fantastic journey. Don't quit before the miracle happens.


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