My disease speaks to me in my own voice

Listen to what you are thinking. Is that your addict voice or is that your recovery voice? Because addiction is a chronic disease, we will always have an addict voice. The key to keeping it in remission is to substitute the messages our addict voice gives us with the messages our recovery voice learns at 12 step meetings and in therapy. Your addict voice will speak to you in your style of speech in an attractive, encouraging voice. It will try to get you to use. It will try to persuade you in a way only you can understand to use "just one" or to not go to a meeting because 12 step meetings are an addiction or to not do your morning ritual because you are too busy. It will try to tell you you're cured so you can have just one. A key to sobriety is recognizing and doing the opposite of that voice. Your addict voice causes you fear and stress. It takes a personality change to keep the addict voice quiet.


Listen to the addict voice as you go through your day and substitute its advice with your recovery voice. Connect to your Higher Power and ask his help to change voices. This will keep you sober and at peace. Good for you for using this App to change voices!