There are no big deals - Hogie

Hogie died with forty one years of sobriety. He helped many a newcomer and always was full of wisdom. His favorite saying was, "There are no big deals." He would wink, smile and say that it seems like a big deal on your wedding day, but in no time at all you are just married, which is a lot of little deals. He would say you get a job which seems like a big deal, but then you need to go to work everyday which is a bunch of little deals. Hoagie knew that stressed, overwhelmed alcoholics tend to relapse. He knew that certain crises like losing a job, getting a divorce, or losing money caused relapse. So his mantra, "There are no big deals" gave many recovering people the perspective they needed to make it through another day sober. 

 However, as our beloved friend, Jasand posts on the SoberTool Forum, "But there is a Huge deal, SOBRIETY, and everything that comes from it: Peace, Harmony, Light, Lightness, Love, Forgiveness, Compassion, Serenity, Courage, Wisdom ... and all the best.

I drank exactly to find it, but what I found was pain, despair and Chaos.

Stop drinking is the master password for this daily reconstruction journey!

This Huge Deal, SOBRIETY, shows me exactly everything that is not a Big Deal.

However it needs to be practiced day by day ...

Peace & Light"


Today, no matter what it is, money, health, no matter what, my mantra is going to be "There are no big deals." But I will remember, the one huge deal is SOBRIETY!