I can't DANCE with arroGANCE

Sometimes it's hard for me to have my Higher Power remove my arrogance and narcissism because they seem to give me a rush of power that temporarily gives me strength to press on. I've come to believe that this rush is erroneous personal programming because I actually perform better when I am calmly doing what I need to do in the moment. For example, when I make a bad shot during a tie breaker in tennis, rather than self flagellating or conversely telling myself I am great in order to motivate myself, I  tend to play better if I just quickly analyze what I may have done incorrectly and adjust. Taking my imbalanced ego out of it keeps me from giving up, getting intimidated or over confident. What keeps you hanging on to your arrogance?


Today, I will be aware of my arrogance and narcissism.  If I feel manic or depressed, I will pause and meditate on being even keeled. I will calmly deal with problems without making the problems a reflection of how great or bad I am. I will remember that the World is not all about me, and that I can’t have peace and joy if I am full of arrogance.


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