Never punt

If you have been headed in the wrong direction for awhile, you should not give up and drink, use, or otherwise act out. Don't fold your cards and relapse. Don't punt the ball and give it to your harmful Higher Power: booze, drugs, fatty food, cigarettes, harmful sex objects, etc. Just because you have failed a little by not going to meetings or seeing your therapist or doing your daily treatment regimen does not mean that you have to fail all the way. You do not have to take the next step and relapse. You still can turn it around by doing something recovery oriented. We all head in the wrong direction sometimes. The key is to pick up a tool of the program before you pick up your drug of choice or substitute for your drug of choice with another addictive behavior..


You are already headed back in the right direction just by reading this. Congratulations! Now take the next step and call your Sponsor or a friend in recovery, get to a meeting, call your therapist, say a prayer of thanks to your Higher Power. Reconnect to recovery.