With Support, your crisis is a miracle waiting to happen!

So you've hit bottom and you don't know what to do. You've lost all your money. You've lost your wife. You're spending your first day in jail. You struck out when the game was on the line. Your child is disabled. You have cancer.

You can't stop drugging and drinking. You can't make it through the morning without crying in despair.

Whatever your crisis, don't be hopeless, fearful, or depressed! There are support groups, counselors and coaches for all the crises mentioned in this message. I have seen all these crises turned into magnificent triumphs and always the triumph depended on daily support. 



If you are experiencing a crisis, or any challenge, ask for help! Don't try to deal with it alone. Make a decision now to turn your life and will over to the care of your loving Higher Power (which can be someone who can support you!) Follow your Higher Power's way even though you may not know why it works. Miracles will happen! One day you will realize that your crisis will be the beginning of a triumph you could never have predicted.