We don't shoot our wounded.

This story was shared on: July 13, 2016 21:14

"Today is my 24 hours of sobriety. Amazing how quickly I forgot the horrible DT's. Went almost 5 months then began acting out thinking I could "control it". Filled with pain, regret, feeling ashamed I avoided meetings until today. To my surprise, I walked into a room filled with addicts...some of which I knew. It was an amazing feeling to be so welcomed by my fellow AA members. I CAN DO THIS AND I WILL!!! Stay hungry. Stay SOBER!"


If you are debating about coming back to AA or any 12 step meeting after a relapse, remember , "We don't shoot our wounded." Remember  too that the fantasy of good times from using is just that - a fantasy. There are no more giggles in the bottle. Follow that thought about the first drink or drug through to its bitter end. Play the tape all the way through.