Sometimes my Higher Power calms the storm, other times my Higher Power calms me until the storm passes.

When troubles come, we are never alone. We may not be able to control the storm but we can always turn to our Higher Power to give us peace. Our Higher Power might be, but does not have to be a religious God; our Higher Power  can be anything that restores us to sanity that does not interfere with our ability to function. Everything changes and our Higher Power helps us survive and thrive if we accept change. The more we try to control things we can't, the more we turn away from our Higher Power's peace. Especially when overwhelmed, fearful or stressed, our Higher Power calms the storm.


Today I will know that my Higher Power will help me deal with any storm if I follow my Higher Power's guidance. Such guidance might be asking another person for help, journalling, eating something healthy, exercising, dealing appropriately with a feeling, remembering to be grateful, being flexible, having perspective, letting go of controlling others, or perhaps just being still and meditating on love.