If God is my co-pilot, I'm going to crash.

It's Saturday morning. Hooray, nothing is going to get in the way of what I want to do. I roll out of bed and see my dog has pooped on the floor. I grimace as I clean it up. Then, my wife informs me she has to take the car to visit a friend. Then, I check my email, and I have to do some work. On and on, things happen that are not in my plans for this Saturday morning. I am clearly not in charge of my own destiny. I look back on my life and it is clear that I have never been in charge. Yet, this illusion keeps making me frustrated, disappointed and angry. I tell myself that I truly need to remember that I am not running the show and that I need to stay flexible and follow, not fight, where my Higher Power leads me. I AM SO GRATEFUL THAT GOD FOR THOSE OF US IN RECOVERY IS DEFINED AS ANY POWER I CHOOSE THAT LEADS ME TO SERENELY LIVE LIFE ON LIFE'S TERMS. MY GOD GIVES ME SERENITY WHEN I AM FLEXIBLE AND DO LOVING ACTIONS IN RESPONSE TO WHATEVER LIFE DEALS TO ME.  All of a sudden the bad feelings disappear. I remember that even though I have to clean up dog poop, I am blessed to have a dog. Eventually I am joyfully surprised as I see beautiful children surfing in the ocean (which I interpret as a little gift from God that was not in my plans). When I accept and adapt well to life's difficulties rather than retreat into denial and resentfully react, I am following my pilot's will and I stay sober and serene.


Today, I will avoid being overwhelmed and confused as I remember who is running the show. I will remember that taking control from my pilot makes me crash.