Don't beat yourself up over mistakes

You are going to make mistakes so it's unreasonable to worry about making them. Trying to be perfect is a character defect. Trying to learn from mistakes is of course helpful, but sometimes we might even make the same mistake again even though we thought we were doing the best we could. Sometimes it is even hard to assess whether you made a mistake because you are looking at what happened in hindsight and "hindsight is 20/20." Sometimes time makes what seemed like a mistake not a mistake. But whatever the outcome, remember NOT TO BEAT YOURSELF UP OVER MISTAKES. I used to get drunk because I beat myself up over mistakes. How 'bout you?


Today I will not beat myself up for making mistakes. I will also not fret over whether I am making the correct decision. Rather, I will try to remember similar situations and consider whether any of the mistakes I made apply to my present decision. I will have faith that if I am practicing good spiritual principles like love, purity, honesty and unselfisness (the four absolutes of recovery), I am doing the best I can in this moment...and if I continue to practice the four absolutes moment by moment I will stay clean and sober no matter what happens. And if I stay clean and sober that is the best I can do and all will be the best it can be.