Life can look good or bad depending on which window I open

It's not what is, it's what we perceive that's important. If I perceive the tree bark as being a beautiful sculpture created by a loving eternal power beyond human explanation, I experience a peaceful, hopeful feeling. If I perceive the same tree bark as a manifestation of an apparently unending winter of dull, colorless gloom, I experience a nihilistic nightmare. 

I don't want to relapse into negative thinking. I don't want to be stressed, overwhelmed, sad, or worried. I don't want to act out in a way that is symptomatic of my depression or addiction. So long as I follow my recovery program, I perceive life as being manageable. If I relapse, which begins with a regression in following my recovery program, I lose the choice of a positive perception.


Today I'm going to open the window which makes me see life is good. I open this window by practicing a good recovery program which consists of taking care of my four natures: my body, my mind, my emotions, and my spirit. I will plan my day to devote time to staying connected to each nature. For example, I will exercise and eat correctly to improve my body. I will do something intellectually stimulating (perhaps read a challenging book) to stimulate my mind. I will perhaps listen to music or watch a funny movie to stimulate my emotions. And I will practice spiritual principles like compassion and understanding and kindness to stimulate my spirit.