Once more with feeling.

This message was submitted by a SoberTool User: "So here it is. The start of yet another journey to kick addictions ass. As you've probably guessed this isn't my first attempt at giving it up; 'It' being Cannabis. Now, maybe I am still in denial, but I've been using cannabis since I was 14 years old. I turn 28 in June. So I've basically been high for half my life. I've used it every day (apart from failed attempts at quitting) for the last three years. The amount of money I have spent over the years is disturbing. As soon as I smoke a joint I am written off for the rest of the day because I slip straight into 'sloth mode' and lose all motivation. I suffer with Anxiety and Panic disorder which I blame heavily for my addiction. But the reality of it is, I KNOW there's very minimal chance of me going into panic when I'm chilled out in bed watching Netflix.. So why smoke then?? Because my brain tells me I like life better when I'm high. Because ADDICTION tells me I like life better when I'm high. I love being high. I also love peanut butter and banana sandwiches; but if I ate them every day for every meal I would be sick of them within a few days. Why can't it be like that with Cannabis?! I want to go and make memories instead of spending every evening at home smoking as much as I can before passing out for the night. I've got to escape this time.. I've got to free myself. So here it goes; once more, with feeling.. 


The first 3 steps of recovery can be summarized as admitting you can't do it alone and need help.