The Serenity Poem

Not all wrong, not all right.

Life is seldom black or white.

In the now, on we go,

Fearing not win, place or show.


Not all good, not all bad.

Judgment only makes me mad.

Never perfect, not all-knowing.

Little by little, constantly growing.


Not better than, not worse.

Constantly comparing is a curse.

Loving detachment lets me be.

Understanding, not resentment, sets me free.


Not my will, not my way,

My Higher Power saves my day.

With gratitude, perspective, and flexible plans,

God holds me safe in his everlasting hands.


Today, I will begin to memorize the Serenity Poem because it can return me to mindfulness and redirect my stinking thinking. I will remember that God can be faith in spiritual concepts like love and honesty, connection with other recovering people, and anything positive that keeps me clean and sober. 

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