The Madame Bollinger effect

We have a tendency to imagine that using has the magic property to improve everything, be it during good or bad times. We say we can never enjoy social occasions unless there's that drink in our hand - that those good times can never be as good, whilst the bad times will be unbearably difficult. Yet there is no drug, beverage or behaviour in the universe that somehow enhances our best moments and helps us get through bad ones at the same time; it's just totally illogical and based on a strange belief that the effect is always positive. These are polar opposites, yet we believe them with absolute faith despite the obvious evidence. On the contrary, bars filled with drunks are not happy places, and no chronic gambler is happy. My three-month relapse was caused by falling for this delusion after a serious accident. Just like Madame Bollinger, "I drink it when I am happy, and I drink it when I am sad..."


Think before you drink.