Determination without action is dead

Much like faith without works is dead, determination without works is dead. That's why we call the first step to recovery: powerlessness. We realize that determination wanes as time (and inevitable temptation) increases. I have seen countless motivated, determined, confident, "I will never ever use again" alcohollcs and addicts relapse because they never did the necessary work such as meetings, readings, helping others, cognitive restructuring, making amends, eliminating self will run riot.



So, please support your determination with continued sobriety and serenity nurturing. Ask yourself if you are daily devoting time to each of your four natures (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual). Are you neglecting any spiritual activities like helping others? (Helping others can be as small as wearing a kind face.) Do you need to physically exercise, stimulate your mind, feed your emotions? Don't risk falling by the tragic wayside like so many before you. Try reconnecting with a greater strength like perhaps a 12 step Sponsor. Do this especially if you think you are cured and determined to stay clean and sober by yourself. 

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