Call it whatever you want

Call it whatever you want. But remember there is the PERSONAL Higher Power and there is the GROUP CONSCIENCE Higher Power for purposes of staying sober and sane. Regarding the PERSONAL Higher Power: it can be God, Jesus, Buddha, the group, the 12 steps, four absolutes, a tree, nature, cognitive restructuring, the telephone, an app, ANYTHING THAT KEEPS YOU SOBER, or some combination thereof. Regarding the GROUP CONSCIENCE Higher Power: it should be LOVE and SUPPORT for one another. We all need that Higher Power. 


Knowing that your concept of a Higher Power can evolve, try one and use it and see if it will keep you sober. Proven methods that seem to work are AA meetings, 12 steps, relying on a sponsor's guidance, a God you can pray to, and any combination thereof. I try to use a combination thereof and it's been working for 32 years. Whatever you choose, the only thing you have to do is pick one or more.