Who amongst us gets through this unscathed? Anyone? Anyone never had a personal tragedy? Is tragedy reserved for the terminally unique? We think not.
Can tragedy become an opportunity? Is tragedy an attitude? Respond to being an addict by helping another addict. Respond to being poor by helping the poor. Respond to your grief by helping the aggrieved. Respond to resentment with understanding, fear with faith, and self-hatred with self-forgiveness. At first, my alcoholism was the worst thing. 32 years later, it has become the best thing because I have gotten the 12 steps into my life. Everything has gradually gotten better, and I have been able to ride out the ups and downs of life without getting drunk.


Hopelessness turns to hope when I find a Higher Power, which is an effective recovery program, that  changes crises into opportunities. Today I will focus on finding and living that recovery program.

Get the book: https://www.amazon.com/One-Minute-Serenity-Revised-Strategies/dp/B0BNVF9Q44