Addicts have to strive to be AVERAGE

Humility is not weakness. It is a healthy, modest view of one's own importance. Often mentioned in recovery, humility tends to be an antidote to the narcissistic, arrogant personality traits that many addicts possess. Humility also helps us raise a low self image.  Humility tends to balance out the TOO HIGH OR TOO LOW opinions we have about ourselves. Addicts take things to EXTREMES. This is why it is sometimes a challenge for us to just relax and be average. Being average can be a good thing.

Before I got into true recovery, everything was such a drama. I was either a glorious winner or a pathetic failure. You were either a beloved friend or a hated enemy. Little problems which occur to everyone were catastrophes when they occurred to me. So I drank to deal with them. 

Throughout recovery, I have been taught to be humble. I have learned the process of keeping life in perspective. I am keeping it real. Life is so much better this way.



Today I will be on guard for my EXTREME thinking and behaviors. I will remember that I am an imperfect human and that it is OK just to be average and balanced.