An alcoholic is someone with two feet planted firmly in mid air

Practicing (using) addicts and addicts without a treatment regimen tend to be grandiose. They seem to set unrealistic goals and then never do anything to try to earn them. Our imbalanced egos make us either think too highly of ourselves or too lowly of ourselves. Many addicts have been described as ego maniacs with inferiority complexes. In any event, it seems to be an impossible challenge for using addicts to just live a normal life. So, if things are going well, don't let your brain tell you that you deserve all the credit or else you will turn good things into grandiosity. Grandiosity leads to relapse.


Do you want to live in mid air again? Do you want to be incapable of living a sane, normal life? Then don't pick up the first drug. Stop fantasizing about it. Let someone know you are thinking grandiose thoughts.