Recovery is a three legged stool

"Recovery is a three legged stool: principles, fellowship, and Higher Power. If one of the legs is broken, the stool falls."

This is my Sponsor's favorite saying. He emphasized attention to each "leg" daily because being clean and sober is a daily reprieve. The principles are the 12 steps, the fellowship is contact with other recovering people, the Higher Power is a spiritual force of one's own understanding. The way you stay sober is to keep the table standing by keeping the three legs strong daily.


If you feel like using right now or if you are confused about how to stay sober or you have been slacking off on practicing a daily recovery program, call a recovering person just to say "hello," read a paragraph from the Basic Text or Big Book (Alcohol Anonymous Blue Book), and take a deep breath while asking your Higher Power to keep you sober today. That's three legs.