Addiction has no age

A SoberTool user writes, "Six days sober and just turned 21 and all I get is laughed at which makes me want to drink again. People continuously tell me, you’re to young to be addicted. Nope. I have a problem and I’m fixing it. Currently have a broken hand after my wild 21st, mind you it’s only just healed after my last bad drunken night so I decided that its time to put my glass up and quit, nothing good has followed me from drinking; always something dangerous that can land me in a lot of trouble. It’s actually been a real struggle trying to get past each day, worrying that I’ll just break but I have been pretty strong in resisting going out and partying or drinking a bottle alone. I’m in a position where i Need to be treated for bipolar disorder but refusing too for some stupid reason, I know I need help it’s just getting help that is setting me back. So hopefully starting with alcohol which is a major trigger will help me deal with my illness. Then there is so much stress from family issues at the moment literally all I want to do is drink even more to numb around me and every where I look;alcohol, but still refusing to drink. The only silver lining is that I’m not touching any other drugs/smoking so I’m proud of myself and that I know I have a problem so I’m not going to places with friends where I know I could drink even out for dinner at this early stage is too hard for me because who doesn’t like a glass of wine with pasta or a beer with steak. I tell my close friends this and I’m so happy there is some support instead of being a joke when you tell someone you’re an alcoholic... worst part is getting support from my family, I’m just a laughing stock to them “you’re young” “thats what kids your age do” nope again, binge drinking is one thing, but when you mix emotions of a rough upbringing/current stress and alcohol together you’re bound to wind up with a 21 year old using alcohol more than just Friday to Sunday, try every day... I’m honestly glad that God opened my eyes now whilst I’m young, each week is an accomplishment. Just wish he’d open others eyes about addiction not having an age. It happens and it’s happening to me...


Bless you! Get to an AA meeting for support and guidance! Check out the International Conference of Young People in AA at Today I will remember that the disease of addiction affects everyone regardless of race, gender, age, sexual preference, or IQ. Thanks for the reminder!